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  • Why offices need new lighting solutions now

    Good work needs good light. On the other hand, offices in particular often consume unnecessarily large amounts of electricity – and money – for lighting. Clever sensor-based solutions, innovative IoT concepts and energy-efficient products from us ensure that the light in offices is switched off … [more]

  • Save energy in office and industrial buildings with our LED drivers and LED modules

    Save on the use of additional diffusers and benefit from a flatter luminaire design – with the innovative PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP LED modules for pendant, surface-mounted and recessed luminaires. The psychological effect of light plays an important role, especially in the … [more]

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  • Flexibility and application orientation combined to perfection

    Brand-new: the OT FIT D LED drivers with EL functionality for safe switching to emergency lighting. With the new OT FIT D CS L, we are launching a new family of non-insulated LED drivers that perfectly combine flexible, versatile use with high application orientation. Thanks … [more]