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The advent of LEDs in the lighting industry has created unlimited freedom in light source design, thus enabling luminaires that have been unthinkable before. With our comprehensive portfolio of light engines and modules, our competence in lighting and uncompromised quality, we make our customers more successful in their businesses. AC, DC, linear, square and round shapes, high-power, mid-power and low-power LED packages – the possibilities to create a light source seem endless.

Linear LED Modules

The application spectrum of Linear LED modules ranges from linear luminaires for offices, retail, industry up to warehouses, logistic, parking garages or educational buildings. 2 different segmentations are available: PrevaLED and BASIC. Multiple product lines are available, depending on the application, luminaire design, optics or customer need (e.g. standard versions, special versions for tunable white or industry applications). All PrevaLED modules come with a high lighting quality, lifetime and a guarantee of 5 / 8 years for the module or 7 / 10 years system guarantee (incl. LED Driver). All BASIC modules come with a good lighting quality, lifetime and a guarantee of 3 years for the module or 5 years system guarantee (incl. LED Driver). Additional accessories like optics and diffusors are available.

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Area and Bar Modules

The application spectrum of Area and Bar LED modules ranges from luminaires for offices, industry up to warehouses, logistic or retail and supermarkets. 2 different segmentations are available: PrevaLED and BASIC. All PrevaLED modules come with a high lighting quality, lifetime and a guarantee of 5 years for the module or 7 years system guarantee (incl. LED Driver). All BASIC modules come with a good lighting quality, lifetime and a guarantee of 3 years for the module or 5 years system guarantee (incl. LED Driver)

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Flexible Solutions – LED strips for individualized application

With a wide range of high-quality LED strips, our FLEX portfolio offers numerous possibilities for creative, state-of-the-art lighting design. Our strips are not only easily bendable, but also highly versatile in terms of application possibilities. Utmost flexibility and maximum quality!

Premium LED Modules for high-end applications

Functional LED modules for professional use

Basic LED modules for entry level use

Profile System CONNECTION System

Dotless Solutions – LED strips for quality aesthetic applications

LINEARlight Flex Diffuse modules ensure uniform and dotless light lines both for indoor and outdoor applications. With high performance silicone and an operational length up to 10 m, they are the ideal solution for architectural projects, providing real flawless light. Plus, LINEARlight Flex Diffuse results suitable also for cove and high-class furniture lighting: a wide range of possibilities to explore!

Premium LED Modules for high-end applications

LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Profile System

LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE IP67 connector

Speaking Code Generator for LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE

Functional LED Modules for professional use

Grazing Solutions – LED strips for architectural lighting applications

These LED modules create pleasant atmospheres both indoors and outdoors. These innovative systems are the ideal solutions for fascinating enhancement of classic and modern buildings as well as historic landmarks. Our high-quality optical lenses underline details and shapes creating wallgrazing lighting experiences or impressive wallwashing effects. Just choose the best product for you!

Premium Rigid FINESSE


Speaking Code Generator for White and RGBW

Premium Flexible BACKBONE

PrevaLED Brick

Robust and efficient lighting solutions are required for bright and low-glare illumination of outdoor sports facilities and plazas. These are exactly the strengths of our new PrevaLED Brick HP HE LED module. This lighting system focuses on high lumen output and high efficiency. As a Zhaga-based component, it can be easily integrated into already existing designs and, with its new LEDs with ESD protection up to 8kV, it perfectly meets the requirements for reliable outdoor lighting in terms of robustness and service life. The compact design of this LED module enables cost-saving designs in lighting fixtures.

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Robust (Horticulture, UVC)

Vertical Farming, Green Houses: every farming project is different and requires dedicated tailoring and proper components selection, from LED drivers with very high efficiency, to LED modules with the right intensity, efficacy and uniformity, not forgetting our control solution, wired or wireless ones.

Our long term and extensive experience in light spectra and light source design, combined with our access to leading technology in horticultural chip development, allow us to deliver the right components for any lighting project.

The key to strong plant growth? Light quality and tailored solutions that are adapted optimally to the needs of crops, plants and vegetables.

Customizable solutions are a great advantage for your projects, but if you are looking for a “horticulture starter kit”, here you can also find our application-proven standard modules that allow you to get the most out of most plants.

Robust applications for us is beyond horticulture lighting: we include here also UV-C solutions ready to be integrated in your system.

You can take advantage of our UV-C standard modules or ask our team for designing-in our UV-C LED customized solution for you.

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Online Videos

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Horticulture Lighting – Introduction
Get to know the great customization offer Inventronics provides for LED modules and systems for horticultural projects and needs.
Horticulture Lighting – Board Design Capabilities
Inventronics is always there to support in horticultural projects both with standard and customized LED modules and systems. Check how we can help you to understand your requirements and define together the perfect solution for your needs.
Horticulture Lighting – Lighting Controls
Not only LED modules and drivers, but also Inventronics lighting control solutions can support you to define the correct light intensity and spectra to meet your crop requirements. Get to know better our wireless, wired and analogical control systems!
Horticulture Lighting – Lab Services
Validate your products with the most important international standards. Inventronics can work also as third-party lab because our labs are accredited by Accredia and DAKKS.
Horticulture Lighting – System Warranties
Inventronics products and systems are durable and reliable, and to ensure you always the best performance and quality we differentiate our warranty levels to satisfy every need!

PrevaLED Coin

The application spectrum of PrevaLED COIN ranges from appealing product presentations in shops and department stores to brilliant spot lighting, e.g. for use in offices, theaters, hotels, bars and restaurants. Already equipped with a heat sink and a lens, it is quick plug & play solution for high quality spotlight. Available in 3 diameters/lumen packages and various beam angles for a wide range of applications.

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PrevaLED Core

PrevaLED Core G7 LED modules offer high efficacy, high light quality, a wide range of luminous fluxes in CRI >80 or >90 and various CCT and come in LES10 and LES15 sizes. Ideal for any spotlight application in combination with OSRAM compact constant current LED drivers.

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PrevaLED Flat AC

The PrevaLED modules are true plug & play LED modules with integrated driver directly on the PCB. They enable the construction of very flat luminaires, where there is no space for a driver, ceiling- or wall-mounted. They come in various sizes and lumen packages, in 3000K and 4000K and in various versions to fit the needs of the installation, such as DALI, Phase-cut, on/off with Emergency Lighting capability, Master-Slave systems and wireless Casambi and QBM versions.

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BackLED and BoxLED

In exterior as well as interior areas, impressive backlighting of surfaces is not only used in signage, but also, and increasingly, for the visual lighting of buildings and products. In the development of corresponding light sources, the homogeneity of illumination, a uniform color effect and economic efficiency have top priority. With their brilliant light, the BackLED and BoxLED product families ensure impressive results as design elements, eye-catchers in advertising or for the accentuation of interiors.

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Customized Solutions

In addition to standard components, we also offer customer-specific modules and drivers – including consulting service and, for example, approval service for your luminaire. Updates of individual components can be quickly included in an updated luminaire certification by our service. With the well-known warranties, we can also offer you extended system warranties, for example with regard to service life or luminous flux reduction. Another plus: our products with generally recognized test marks can be used worldwide.

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