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LightingDesigner 2.0

The LightingDesigner online tool helps to identify the right combination of LED modules and driver based on your technical specifications of your luminaire project.

From conventional to intelligent: HubSense

With HubSense, we offer the possibility of transforming existing lighting systems into a flexible, wirelessly communicating lighting infrastructure during modernization. How does this work? Without great effort! Because HubSense is simple and intuitive. This easily scalable retrofit solution makes the planning, configuration and commissioning of wireless lighting control easier than ever before – from convenient planning with the web app to commissioning via smartphone and mobile app to simple operation of the system – for individual offices, corridors, conference rooms or open-plan offices.

With the HubSense system you work more cost-effectively in every project phase – from planning and installation to handover and use.

Sustainable street and pathway lighting with HubSense outdoor sensors

Villähde Park in Finland’s eighth-largest city, Lahti, was chosen for the installation of intelligent lighting for pedestrian pathways. The Finnish manufacturer Karlux Oy provided luminaires equipped with LED drivers, LED modules, and QBM sensors from Inventronics. These top-notch luminaires use radar sensors for motion detection, which are particularly suitable in the cold season.

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LightingDesigner 2.0

The LightingDesigner online tool helps to identify the right combination of LED modules and driver based on your technical specifications of your luminaire project.

Driver Selector & Digital OT-Poster

With our Driver Selector & Digital OT-Poster you can simply find your desired LED driver and create your individual driver overview by selecting the product families, characteristics, features, applications or filter by attributes for your needs – always with the latest product portfolio.

Digital Flex/Area-Poster

With the digital Flex/Area-Poster you can simply create your individual OSRAM LINEARlight Flex or Back/BoxLED overview by selecting the product families, classes and attributes you are interested in – always with the latest product portfolio (daily updated).

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  • DALI Professional Software

    Software for configuration of DALI installations (in combination with OSRAM DALI PROFESSIONAL control unit CONT-4 RTC) Download the latest version of OSRAM DALI Pro 3.1.13. Release Notes PCTool Version: PCTool Version: PCTool Version:

  • Cost-efficient lighting without the need for additional optics or diffusers

    PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP: flat LED modules for elegant luminaires Glare-free, homogeneous lighting is essential for concentrated, fatigue-free working over many hours. Homogeneous, pleasant light is thus of great importance, and even more so in offices, public facilities and educational institutions, as … [more]

  • DALI PRO 2 IoT – latest Firmware Updates

    DALI PRO 2 IoT – latest Firmware Updates

    DALI PRO 2 IoT is the innovative LMS control technology for the IoT age. We recommend to update the Firmware to Version: 3.1.13 Release Notes Firmware Version: Firmware Version:

  • Also for sensors, DALI-2 is the benchmark

    OSRAM adds five new DALI-2-compatible devices to sensor portfolio As a bus system for sensor technology, DALI-2 is becoming larger, more successful and more important. For this reason we have now broadened our sensor portfolio with a range of DALI-2-compatible sensors. One highlight among them, … [more]

  • Industry lighting: Five success factors you really need to know about

    Almost every branch of industry needs powerful lighting to manufacture high-quality products. We identify the five most important factors that you should know in order to be successful with modern, LED-based industry lighting today. Low production costs are a crucial success factor for virtually any … [more]

  • Discover the magic of in-ground outdoor lighting

    Our new LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE InGround: The walk-over outdoor LED solution Brilliantly designed, particularly robust and ideally suited for outdoor in-ground installation: Our walk-over LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE InGround makes designer dreams come true. Whether you want to highlight architectural façades, mark paths in public or … [more]

  • Compact lighting systems: This is why size does matter

    Question: What matters most when it comes to shop and office lighting: the luminaire or the light? Unlike the famous chicken/egg question, this question practically answers itself: It’s the light, of course. After all, in the retail sector it is not the luminaire but the … [more]

  • Making architecture glow with spotless light lines

    LINEARlight Flex Diffuse: Bendable LED strips for reliable, flawless lighting Luminous flux up to 1300 lm/m, even better uniformity, top shadow-free effects and up to 10 meters of length: these are just some of the benefits offered by the new generation of OSRAM LINEARlight Flex … [more]

  • New linear indoor LED driver generation

    OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI Constant Voltage (CV) G3: numerous improvements, even more advantages With generation 3 of the OTi DALI constant-voltage LED driver family, OSRAM once again demonstrates its commitment to developing solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of end customers.With their latest properties, these new, … [more]

  • New online tool available from now on: Driver Selector

    Obtain an easy and always up-to-date overview of our whole driver portfolio and narrow down the list with several filters: